WHAt is talvipäivät?

The history of Talvipäivät goes way back to year 1947, when Kajaani had the honor to organize the very first event full of sport and culture oriented games and competitions. Since then, the teacher students have annually travelled across the Finland from Helsinki to Kajaani and from Turku to Joensuu. Nowadays Talvipäivät is a three-day-event full of activities and great opportunities to make some new friends.


First time Jyväskylä hosted Talvipäivät in 1949 and the second time was even recored by YLE. That time there were competing in gymnastics, skiing and elocution - so there really was something for everybody. Over 900 students across the land got to enjoy the campus and its new buildings designed by Alvar Aalto.


Now, over 60 years later those very same buildings have the honor to welcome new teacher students. In 2020 Talvipäivät is not only a tribute to the past in general, but also to the 10-year anniversary since the event was last time in Jyväskylä as well as to the 10th ever Talvipäivät in Jyväskylä - so there really is now reason to celebrate more than ever!

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