arriving to jyväskylä

collective rides of subject associations

Subject associations organize collective rides from their cities to Talvipäivät. If you want to know more about the prices and timetables in advance, please contact your own association. 


Onnibus offers bus journeys to Talvipäivät for cut price. 

Journeys to Jyväskylä and back 20.–24.2.2020 -15%.

Time for reservation: 13.1.–17.2.2020.
Discount code: SOOL

during the event

Jyväskylä´s public transport Linkki operates during the weekend and via bus you can get easily to the schools, city centre and the event places. You can search for the routes in The event places and the school addresses as well as the bus lines touring between the event places are to be announced.

The distances between the event places are short, so for those of you who enjoy outdoors, walking is also an option. From Snow Extravaganza it takes only a few minutes to the fair and from the fair you can nicely continue to TP-Appro down Kauppakatu and the Sukkahumppa in the city centre.


collective rides from the night event

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