school accommodation

The school accomodation is included in the price of the wristband. Talvipäivät offers the school accomodation, but the needed equipment such as sleeping bag, pillow, towel etc. you must bring yourself. There are two options for school accommodation

normal accomodation

Most of the participants choose this option, which means you won´t be alone and new friends are a guarantee!

quiet accomodation

Quiet accomodation is for those, who want some peace and quiet during the weekend.

hotel deals

Omenahotelli jyväskylä

At Omenahotelli you get a room in special price if you make a reservation for at least two nights between  20.-24.2.2020:


1-2 people/room/night 55€
3 people/room/night 65€
4 people/room/night 75€


The reservations have to be done by 31.1.2020  with a discount code SOOLTALVI2020 in

original sokos hotel Alexandra

A room in Sokos Hotel Alexandra for a cut price between 21.-23.02.2020

102 /1 person room (standard)

102 / 2 people room (standard)

20€ extra bed

 The price includes buffet-breakfast and sauna for the hotel guests.

The reservations have to be done by 3.2.2020 with a discount code BJKLTALVIPV2020 in, Jyväskylän Sokos Hotels sales service puh. 020 1234 640 or e-mail sales.jyväskylä

solo sokos hotel paviljonki

A room in Sokos Hotel Paviljonki for a cut price between 21.-23.02.2020

106 /1 person room (solo)

106 / 2 people room  (solo)

The price includes buffet-breakfast, sauna and gym for the hotel guests. 

The reservations have to be done by 3.2.2020 with a discount code  BJKLTALVIPV2020 in, Jyväskylän Sokos Hotels sale service puh. 020 1234 640 or e-mail sales.jyväskylä

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