• The enrollment for the event is binding.

  • The participant can sell his/her ticket. The original buyer is obliged to inform the informations about the new participant to the organizer of the event (viestinta@talvipaivat2020.com) and also inform the buyer about the terms and conditions of the event.

  • The new owner of the ticket commits to the terms and conditions of the event when buying the ticket.



  • When arriving to the accomodation the participant marks his/her name and contact informations in the list that can be found on the door of the accomodation. This information is needed for example in possible evacuation situation.

  • The participant is responsible for any damage caused by him/her in the accomodation. One must inform the damages at once for the supervisor of the accomodation. The participant is obliged to pay for all the damage he/she has caused. 

  • The participant is obliged to leave the accomodation spaces in such state that they originally were. If the cleaning of the space has been done poorly or not done at all, is the participant obliged to pay for cleaning.


Other terms

  • At Talvipäivät we all follow the principles of safe space. There is no room for any kind of violence, harassment or intolerance. Any a ggressive or inappropriate behaviour of a participant may result to his/her removal from the event. 

  • Pictures and videos taken at Talvipäivät can be shared via social media accounts of Talvipäivät. When taking part of the event one must inform, if they wish to not appear the photos. This can be done by sending an e-mail to the organizer (viestinta@talvipaivat2020.com) before or during the event.

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