how to do the enrollment?

  volunteer enrollment 

Volunteers will enroll themselves through Kide.app like others who will sign up for Talvipäivät. Kide.app can be used in the browser or as an app by downloading it into you mobile phone. At Kide.app volunteers have to choose volunteer ticket. More information at enrollment page.

volunteering for talvipäivät?

Volunteer? what?

  • Talvipäivä-volunteers make the biggest student party of the year possible. 

  • A volunteer does 8-hour shift during the weekend in the mission stated to them.

why volunteer?

a volunteer gets:

  • A free Talvipäivä-wristband

  • A patch

  • A chance to participate the official afterparty-event with other volunteers and Talvipäivä-team.

  • A diploma of volunteering

     What can i do as a volunteer?

- Event-assistants -

daytime events

When volunteering in daytime events you get to for example judge the contests in Snow Extravaganza and assists during the appro.


night events

Volunteers in night events assist in decorating, roading, at the backstage and get to work with the professionals in the cloakroom taking care of coats and bags.

- Food -

The volunteers responsible for food and caterning organise luchtimes so that queueing goes as smoothly as possible. They also check which of the people coming to cafeteria have already reclaimed their delicious Talvipäivä-lunch.

- accomodation -

In accomodation the volunteers take care of general safety and the overall tidiness of the host school. They also guide lost ones at the infodesk.

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